Randy Jackson Comments on American Idol

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Randy Jackson recently spoke to Parade Magazine about all things American Idol. A few highlights:

On whether he’d let his kids audition for Idol:
“Yes. I would, if they truly wanted to try. Oh, my god, you may think we’re tough, but the public is tougher. Mick Jagger had it hard at first. They threw stuff at Prince when he was an opening act. People will say, ‘What big ears, I don’t like that nose, look at her hair,’ even before they listen to the music.”

On Simon and Paula:
“They’re cool people. Simon is very smart, with an amazing eye for talent and a little bit of brash. But people identify with him. Paula is a great artist who really loves these kids and nourishes them like a mother.”

On his weight loss:
“A couple of years ago, I was feeling rocky. I was 43, and when I went to the doctor, he said I had type 2 diabetes. I lost 121 pounds and put only 10 back. I completely changed my lifestyle.”

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