The Amazing Race Winners Speak on Victory... Finally

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T.K. Erwin and Rachel Rosales may have won The Amazing Race. But, as they relayed to The OC Register, the couple couldn't discuss the feat until it was announced on the air...

After dating for a year, T.K. Erwin and Rachel Rosales took off last summer to backpack through Europe for three weeks.

At least that's what they told their parents and friends in Huntington Beach.

T.K. Erwin and Rachel Rosales

But while they did carry backpacks and they did spend a few days in Europe, the scope of their adventure was far greater than the typical twentysomething's traipse around England or France or Spain.

Which left them upon their return with a story that seemed a little shaky, they say.

"It was getting a little suspicious when I came home and had no pictures of where we'd gone," says Erwin, 23, by phone from New York City on Monday.

"And we didn't have the names of places we went or anything," adds Rosales, 24.

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