A Few Words from Lesley Anne Down

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Lesley-Anne Down Pic
Lesley-Anne Down recently talked to Soap Opera Weekly about her character of Jackie on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Soap Opera Weekly: Wasn't it was great to have Jackie take over Spectra, giving her another stab at her professional dreams?
Lesley-Anne Down: It's been quite fun, hasn't it? It was a nice surprise.

Weekly: Jackie's bathtub press conferences have been a real hoot. Were those fun to shoot?
Down: They're kind of...dangerous (laughs), because they always shoot them at the end of the day. I don't know about you, but I think baths are meant to make you relaxed — have a nice hot bath, get into your pajamas, get into bed.

You're not supposed to have a nice hot bath, get into your clothes, get into your car and then spend an hour and 15 minutes driving. I have to wind my windows down, slap myself in the face, just to keep awake.

Read the full interview with Down now.

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