Bang! Bang! Who was Shot on General Hospital?

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General Hospital Actress
Shots rang out Friday on General Hospital, but who got hit?

The New York Daily News asks - and attempts to answer - this question, as it previews tomorrow's new General Hospital episode.

"Monday picks up with both Kate and Carly lying on the ground," says Laura Wright, pictured, who plays Carly. "You don't know who got hit. Jax comes to Carly and says, 'Carly, are you okay?' She's, like, 'I guess I got queasy and fell over.' Carly thinks she must have passed out from being pregnant. She didn't even hear the gun go off."

Which means she doesn't know it was her son Michael who accidentally fired it.

"She has no idea," continues Wright. "They just assume the gunfire means bad news that they should probably get away from. Jax takes her to the hospital to make sure she's okay."

Read the full General Hospital preview now.

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