Mikey Minden Dishes on Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious

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Mikey Minden will serve as choreographer on Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious. It's a follow-up to a previous reality show on The CW in which a search for a new Pussycat Doll wasn't exactly successful.

Mikey Minden
The new reality series, which premieres February 18, once again showcases Robin Antin in an attempt to find a new all-girl group. Minden recently chatted with Buddy TV about the show:

How did it differ for you from the first season?
Well, I would say the first season was really fun and we had a great time.  We kind of were just going with the flow, we didn't really know what to expect.  I kind of describe it as the first season was like a warm up, and then this season is the reveal.  Last time we had great girls, and they had really great personalities, and everyone could dance and sing -- well, mostly everyone could dance.

It was just different, we had a different caliber of girls this time.  Me and Robin really saw all types of girls, all ages, we saw strippers, we saw old women, we saw guys dressed in drag.  We really saw crazy, crazy, crazy characters, but throughout the auditions we just tried to keep in mind what we thought Girlicious was gonna turn into.

When the girls come in to audition, what is it you look for in their dance skills?
Well, the first thing I look for, honestly, just to be blunt, when we're casting and we're looking at girls all around the world, is I look to see if they're hot, and if they have a good face, and if they're pretty.  The dancing and singing, they can usually all sing and dance, most of them, but you can't change someone's face.  Well, you can, but not on the TV show we can't.

I look for right away, are they hot, are they sexy, are they young? We don't want any old hags on Girlicious.  We definitely look for if they're young, they're hot, they're sexy, then I of course go straight to their dancing.  Can they dance?  Can they move?  Sometimes you'll get someone who dances club style, and that's kind of cool because they have that natural sexy vibe, but can they really dance?

Can they learn the choreography, the fundamentals, can they remember it?  Can they pick it up and perform it?  Sometimes that's hard, so you kind of look for a whole bunch of things.

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