The Young and the Restless Fires Head Writer

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Lynn Marie Latham, executive producer and head writer of The Young and the Restless, has been fired from the soap opera.

Latham's office had been reportedly cleared out late last year when she refused executives' requests to continue working on the show during the writers' strike.  Her contract permitted her to continue production work for The Young and the Restless during the strike because of her hyphenated job title of head writer and executive producer.

Latham, however, chose to walk the picket line with her fellow writers.

In the aftermath of the firing, it's speculated that acting executive producer and head writer Josh Griffith will be offered an official executive producer post.

Griffith, who was hired by The Young and the Restless during the WGA work stoppage, used the "financial core" clause in his union membership to continue working during the strike.  It is unclear if Griffith, like Latham before him, will pull double duty as executive producer and head writer.

"It has been difficult, it has been trying," Gottesfeld posted on a message board for writers.  "[My wife] Cherie and I survived with our jobs at The Young and the Restless intact, others were not so fortunate. Friends and colleagues are now trying to figure out what to do."

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