Vanessa Mathison Opens Up About Marriage to Cameron

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The ladies love Cameron Mathison. But one lady in particular loves this All My Children star: Vanessa Mathison.

The lovely clothing designer recently talked to Celebrity Baby Blog about what it's been like to be married to such a busy man:

[Cameron] finished "Dancing With the Stars" and he also hosted "So You Wanna Be a Soap Star," and those require him to go out to Los Angeles. And that really does require a bit of maneuvering of the family. What we've been doing is, we've been pulling Lucas from school for when [Cameron] hosts "So You Wanna be a Soap Star."

And for "Dancing With the Stars," that was brutal! Because it was so long, it was three months, we kept the family here and I went to Los Angeles every week for the Monday night show. So I would fly out on Sunday night, go to the show on Monday and then be on the red eye Monday night to get back to the city.

And I did that pretty much every single week.

I didn't want to uproot the family and I wanted to be home as much as possible, because Cameron wasn't there for those three months. But I also wanted to be there to support Cameron on the night of the dancing.

When things come up we just kind of figure it out, there's no formula, we just roll with the punches. You just have to be so flexible.

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