Adam Carolla Will be Dancing with the Virgin

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While Julianne Hough might be a Dancing with the Stars champion, there's one dance this beauty won't go through with: the horizontal mambo.

We're talking about straight up, boning, people!

Indeed, the insanely good looking Hough claims she's a virgin, which might explain why she split with fiance Zack Wilson last year. For how long can a guy be teased?!?

"I want to be with that special person," Julianne says in the new issue of CosmoGIRL! "I think to have sex before marriage is an individual [decision] ... [waiting] will strengthen that relationship.

Hubba, Hubba Hough

Hough added that she isn't judging those that do engage in pre-marital sex (rest easy, Paris Hilton!), "but I think when you say no, down the line, it will be a better decision."

"I tried to go out and mingle with people in the industry and date people, but I felt I was different than most of them," Hough says of her difficult dating. "I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, so those things immediately separate me. It's all very enticing, though."

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