American Idol Finalists: Time to Party!

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Soon after they were named the finalists on this season of American Idol, the top 12 contestants attended a TV Guide party in their honor.

American Idol Finalist
How did the newly minted contenders feel about their status? Kristy Lee Cook (pictured), who was left standing alongside eliminated hopeful Asiah Epperson, said last night's show was a heart-stopper.

"It was just me and Asia'h left," Cook said to TV Guide. "And they were like, 'and we'll tell you ... right after the break!' I was like, 'uughh. Are you kidding me?!'"

David Cook, meanwhile, knew he was safe early on. But that didn't mean the night was stress-free for this rocker: "I lucked out. They let me go first." But he added, "[Fear and stress are] an inevitable part of this whole experience, and I'm surprised that I haven't lost 200 of the 185 pound frame that I'm carrying."

Not all contestants were frightened last night, however; some were the most scared when the competition began. Like Syesha Mercado.

"My first three performances I was super, super nervous," she said. "And my family and friends who know my voice, they could tell, my nerves kind of came through on my performances. But you know ... the best thing to do is just leave those performances in the past, and move on to the next one."

As for heavy favorite David Archuleta? Sources say he was is so "shy" and so gentle on the show that he"wears angel wings." Whatever that means.

Archulets was so excited throughout the evening that he couldn't bring himself to frown for the camera, even in jest. Finally, he resorted to just pulling down the corners of his lips, but nothing could suppress his smile. Altogether now:


A David Hernandez Photo

Way to go, David Hernandez! It's on to the finals!

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