An Intervew with Eric William Morris

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Eric William Morris
When Casey was released from jail on As the World Turns, he wasn't the only one starting his life over; his roommate Matt flew the coop, too. caught up with his portrayer, Eric William Morris who filled readers in on Matt, life in Oakdale and more. Tell me about Matt.
Eric William Morris: Matt grew up in a different part of Illinois because he was in the state prison with Casey, which you'll learn as the plot unfolds. I think he's a really interesting character. He's not fully bad and he's struggling to become a good guy, but he has a lot going on and he has a lot of influences pulling at him. He's got a really interesting struggle so it's really interesting to play. Do we know why Matt is in prison?
Eric William Morris: You will, eventually, so tune into As the World Turns, weekdays on CBS.

Read the full interview with Morris now.

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