Daisy De La Hoya Criticizes, Thanks Celebrity Gossip Sites

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Following the release of her almost-crotch shot, Daisy De La Hoya is lashing out at critics.

Of course, the Rock of Love 2 contestant is also thanking them for giving her attention. Check out the following MySpace blog from this reality TV star:

Thanks To My Dear Friends at TMZ.. Allot Of People are talking about my current default pic were I allegedly am Showing my "Britney" As You can clearly see in the photo that is not true!!!!! TMZ is Lying.... as usual!! My area is completely covered.. and they took it upon themselves to put a star there so they could have a more outrageous story!!!

This Is A Picture that is purely art!!

Yes Its True.. As Most of you know by now I am a Rock N Roll Bad Girl... But Come On... I Would Never Expose My Peek-a-choo..... at least not on Myspace(only in playboy where you can buy a glimpse of it) LOL.. Anyways Thanks TMZ for all the exposure... no punt intended!!!

What, no love for Reality TV Scoop, Daisy? We mocked you for that picture, too!

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