Monica Seles and Penn Jillette Discuss Dancing With the Stars Highlights, Departure

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Tennis legend Monica Seles felt that she was at a Dancing With the Stars disadvantage before the sixth season of the show even started.

"I think it's so early in the show, I was definitely at a disadvantage because I have no acting experience and this show is about being a dancer and an actress," Seles said during a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance that followed her elimination from Dancing with the Stars the previous evening.

"I didn't have either, and I think that really hurt me because I just could not sell the performance. I never missed a step, but yet I couldn't actually sell the storyline," the nine-time Grand Slam winner admitted.

The opposite could be said for Penn Jillette, who was also ousted from Dancing with the Stars as part of the show's first double elimination.

Kym Johnson, Penn Jillette
Jonathan Roberts, Monica Seles

"I want to be honest. I tried as hard as I could. Anything you saw that was goofy there was me trying as hard as I could," said Jillette."I promised myself and all my friends, 'I'm not going to in any way be ironic. I'm going to try 100 percent.' I really did.  I want to make that clear - it's not a cop out - that was as good as I could do. I lost fair and square."

"A part of me's disappointed," said Seles, who teamed with Jonathan Roberts. "Another part of me's relieved that I don't have to [rehearse anymore]."

"I was sure I was going all the way. I get up every morning, I strip naked, I look in the mirror and I say, 'Dancer!'" joked Jillette.

"The fall up the stairs last night was on purpose. I did it in rehearsal.  But the funny one - the one with the banner - 100 percent real," he said. "[Kym Johnson] laughed for two full minutes before she said, 'Are you okay?'"

Seles and Roberts, along with Penn Jillette and Kym Johnson, were ousted because they both had the lowest scores among the six celebrity participants of their gender, based on the judges' scores from last Monday night's performance, this Monday night and home viewer votes cast following both broadcasts.

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