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Who's gay? How do they come out? Why did Serena leave and then come back, anyway? TV Guide's Ausiello Report may not answer these burning questions from the Gossip Girl universe, but there are some interesting tidbits in it. See below (minor spoiler alert) ...

Question: Out with it - who's gay on your newest obsession, Gossip Girl?

Ausiello: My loose lips are sealed. Except to say that in the first two episodes back, the individual in question will come out, get a love interest and make out with said love interest — and not necessarily in that order.

Question: At Paley Fest, Blake Lively told you that sleeping with Nate isn't the real reason Serena left. I know you know something.

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Ausiello: I know that Michelle Trachtenberg holds the key to that little secret, and I wouldn't think of spoiling it here. What I will spoil is the real reason Blake Lively bolted from the stage immediately after the Gossip Girl panel Saturday night — and it wasn't to escape the gaggle of fans that swarmed the dais, as some in the media have speculated. Anyone who was standing within three feet of Lively as she raced out of the auditorium (i.e., me) could clearly hear her begging someone — anyone — to point her to the nearest bathroom because she had "to pee for the last hour!" Within seconds, a security guard jumped into action, escorted her to the loo and then back to the stage, where she joined the rest of the cast in signing autographs. Consider the record set straight.

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