Reality TV Recaps: Survivor, Big Brother

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Fans were treated to a special edition of Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites last night. Not only did it air on a Wednesday night (due to the NCAA Tournament taking over CBS tonight, but a contestant quit! Check out the recap for that show and for Big Brother right now...

Survivor: Day 18 arrived with 13 players remaining. Over at Malakal, Tracy wanted to kill and eat some of the chickens since she didn't think they were laying as many eggs as they used to.. -- Reality TV Magazine

Big Brother: As always with a Wednesday episode, the good part (if you can call it that) begins after the veto ceremony. One week ago, Matt celebrated his non-backdooring a little much. This week, he's definitely not celebrating. Neither is Natalie, who calls James a hypocrite whose word is worthless, while in the diary room... -- Reality News Online

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Survivor Quotes

I learned its ok to tell the world that I have a relationship with someone who's been dead since 1870.


I think my tribe was not ready for someone who wanted to play the game right out of the box.