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James Scott portrays EJ Wells on Days of Our Lives. How does he feel about this character? That's what our friends at BuddyTV asked the actor:

You've gotten to play a lot of different types of characters within the character of EJ Wells – a good guy, a very bad guy – and what do you like playing more?
I prefer to play a bad guy. It's a lot more interesting. You can have a lot more fun, I think. Good guys, their role is pretty clean cut. They turn up, they say the right thing and, generally speaking, they end up running in circles looking like idiots, for the most part. Bad guys always tend to be smarter than that.

Where do you get the inspiration to be a bad guy?
I am not a very nice person, myself, which I find helps a lot. [laughs] I don't know. I don't know where I get the inspiration from. I've kind of been able to play with a lot of different characters, and I find that it doesn't come too hard to be able to do that. I think everybody has sides of them that are dark, and if you have experience as an actor and able to tap into those things, then it's not too hard to bring them to the surface.

Read the full interview with Scott now.

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