Jonathon Roberts Dishes on Dancing With the Stars, Week Five

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The good folks at TV Squad sat down with Jonathon Roberts after last night's show.

The partner of Monica Seles during season six - until they got booted off, of course - had the following to say about the most recent edition of Dancing With the Stars:

TV Squad: I guess we'll start with favorite performance of the night. For me, I thought it was Kristi & Mark again.
Jonathon Roberts: Tonight was interesting for me. I wasn't actually blown away by anyone. Last week there were several. I think Jason, Kristi, and Shannon really were impressive for me. And tonight I thought there were several good numbers, but nobody blew me out of the water.

With Kristi, her leg extensions were great, her movement was great, but maybe because it was a slower dance, Kristi didn't blow me out of the water. After what she did in the pasa doble last week, that was a professional quality routine. It was absolutely incredible. And for me, even though the rumba is the romantic dance of love and a little softer, it didn't make be go wow. It was a good number, but it wasn't as amazing as last week's number.

TV Squad: With Marlee and Fabian, would you say that the lower scores fall under the fact that the samba is so hard to do?
Jonathon Roberts: I think with Marlee, and maybe I'm wrong because I've never worked with her, but I think that as the show goes on the difficulty of her not being able to hear the music is showing up more and more. In the beginning of the show, the first three dances, you have a little over a month to prepare for that. I think she really got ready, and even though she can't hear the music, the training time compensated for it.

Now, she really only has four or five days to learn the routine. I thought tonight, because she had a few stumbles and missed a few places, that her inability to hear the music kind of showed. She looked absolutely incredible. She was tan. She's in shape. The arm movements were good.

There was just a little lack of musicality in a few places. And I thought she looked a little more unsure than she had in some of the other routines.

Read the full interview with Roberts now.

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