Kimberly McCullough Dishes on General Hospital, 45 Years Young

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With General Hospital celebrating its 45th birthday today, TV Guide Canada talked with longtime star Kimberly McCullough about her time on the show...

TVG: General Hospital is celebrating 45 years — what’s been your favourite storyline so far?
KM: Jason getting amnesia.

TVG: Looking back, Robin was a lively, charming, and funny kid. As an adult, she’s lost her sense of humour…
KM: I don’t know why. The writers got it in their minds that Robin should be a stick-in-the-mud. I don’t know where they got that idea, but alas, that’s been the reality since I’ve returned to the show.

TVG: Well, to be fair, Robin was an orphan, contracted HIV, buried her boyfriend, and now she’s dating a louse, albeit a sexy one! Heck, I’d be in rehab by now.
KM: [laughs] Yeah, but you know it’s also because she’s a serious student. Robin needs to be in control because as a child she had such a turbulent childhood.

TVG: Head writer Bob Guza has kept the HIV thread alive throughout Robin’s storyline and now that she’s pregnant — I have to say it’s the only storyline in daytime, in recent memory, that is truly groundbreaking. Do you think GH will continue to write this story responsibly?
KM: I certainly hope so. I saw Guza a couple of days ago and he said he’s been talking to the Center for Disease Control. He’s finding out what kind of pregnancies she could experience — and all the possibilities that are available. GH is responsible in the sense that they want to educate the public about having a baby for an HIV-positive woman.

At the same time, Bob doesn’t want the whole storyline to be all about the HIV aspect, because it would also be irresponsible to say that HIV defines a person. People with HIV have full lives. It’s a manageable disease.

Read the full interview with McCullough now.

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