Rock the Cradle Featured in The Boston Globe

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Is music in the genes?

That's the questioned posed by The Boston Globe, in relation to Rock the Cradle. Here are other highlights from the article:

We can answer the question above in three words: Frank Sinatra Jr. Or two: Carnie Wilson.

Apples fall far, far from the tree when it comes to musical talent, which for better or worse is one reason why MTV's Rock the Cradle is such a winning reality-show recipe.

The program pits the progeny of famous artists both credible (Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh) and C-list (Al B. Sure!) against each other in a weekly singing competition, and suffice it to say the cringe factor - the basis of any reality show worth its morally perverse salt - is hefty.

But somehow it's more gripping watching Eddie Money's pampered spawn Jesse blow a song (and get chewed out on camera by her dad) than some poor shlub from nowheresville on American Idol.

When Landon Brown (pictured) received low scores from the judges during the show's April 3 debut, his father, Bobby, didn't protest.

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