Round Table: "Desperately Seeking Serena"

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

While Gossip Girl fans gather in the Desperately Seeking Serena" include newcomers Georgina and Asher, missing regulars Lily and Eric,


1. Asher: Really nice or really fake?

DANdy: I'm guessing he's a perfectly nice guy. He and Jenny will date for the next year or so with no complications whatsoever.

LovelyLively: Once again, the Gossip Girl spoilers I've read make me question whether this is going to work before I even give it a chance. But there's something I don't trust about Asher.

MisterMeester: Not sure about his personality, but his name sounds fake to me. Asher? Why do these trust fund brats always have such yuppie-ish names? $10 says Jenny develops a crush on Hunter Southworth next.

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2. Who did you miss more in the episode: Bart Bass, Lily or Eric?

DANdy: Lily. But I assume she was off filming MILF Island 2. Can't blame her for that.

LovelyLively: In a shocking move I'm taking Bart. I really enjoy watching him get flustered at Chuck's antics.

MisterMeester: All of you ladies attracted to rich, older guys probably missed Bart. The guys surely missed Lily or Eric the most.

3. What is Serena van der Woodsen hiding?

LovelyLively: That she can do a great Southern accent, apparently. If Dan ever found out about that, their entire relationship might change! But seriously, folks. I have no idea. But it sounds really, really shady.

MisterMeester: Her sanity? Why won't Serena at least tell Dan that Georgina exists? Having Chuck Bass cover for her? That, and her being a bad liar, guarantees Dan's suspicions that something is amiss.

DANdy: We already know Serena van der Woodsen used to drink a lot, and Dan wasn't exactly her first romp in the hay (maybe not even in an art gallery). I'm gonna say Serena once acted as the lookout when Georgina swiped a pack of gum from 7-Eleven.

4. What are Sarah's intentions with Dan?

MisterMeester: Who knows, we barely saw anything of her. Side note: Sarah looks a lot like Georgina to me.

DANdy: Perhaps she just wants to take him on a EuroTrip.

LovelyLively: Despite a nice outward appearance, it seems to me that Sarah has murdered Georgina and worn her face as some sort of mask. I'd stay away, Dan.

Sparks Will Fly

Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) is up to no good, while Nate (Chace Crawford) found romance with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr).

5. Nate and Vanessa: OMG, WTF, or ROFL!

MisterMeester: At first, I was kinda like ROFL, what the h3ll are you doing N8?? But Vanessa actually seemed sort of cool in this episode, and she brings out the best in him. I <3 them I think!!!!!1!11!!

DANdy: WTF. But not due to the pairing of these two characters. They actually seemed to have chemistry together. I'm more baffled by the fact that Nate showed more personality during one evening with Vanessa than he did during one year with Blair.

LovelyLively: OMG, so cute. I was skeptical at first, as I love Nate and Blair, but having re-watched the episode, I like Nanessa a lot more now.

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