A Few Words from Susan Lucci

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Susan Lucci is the most famous actress on daytime television. The All My Children actress recently found time, though, to speak with The Mississippi Sun Herald.

Here are highlights from the conversation:

Q: What have you been up to lately?

A: Well, I've been up to being in jail as Erica Kane on All My Children, and having Warren Buffett recently visit. She thought he was going to try to get her out. What he actually did was bring her directions to learn to play contract bridge, so she could better pass the time. That's what he had in mind.

Erica Kane Photo

Q: How would you describe Erica Kane, the character?

A: Well, very spirited, very headstrong, very much someone who you're not going to keep down. Agnes Nixon has described her as a phoenix rising from the ashes. And so the audience watches that journey down, down, down into the ashes. A lot of times it's fun to watch her. Sometimes they love her, sometimes they hate her, sometimes all of the above. And then they watch her pick herself up and dust herself off and try again.

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