Ambre Lake: Should She Die?

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The headline above is not our way of wishing harm on Rock of Love 2 winner, Ambre Lake.

Indeed, it's simply the question viewers must consider when watching Project: Slasher, a new interactive movie in which Lake - somehow, for some reason - stars.

Do you wanna kill Ambre Lake? Now you can!

In the odd film, Ambre is bruised, bloodied and terrified, running for her life. The plot has her being kidnapped by ghoulish, Harlequin-masked men. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 1980s? That's the idea behind this project.

Should Ambre â€" a.k.a., Janelle â€" flee into the woods, or seek refuge in the barn? Should she defend herself with a knife â€" or a chainsaw? As the movie's website says, "She Lives. She Dies. You Choose."

We're as perplexed as you are.

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