Bill Bellamy Comments on New Season of Last Comic Standing

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Bill Bellamy Comments on New Season of Last Comic Standing
Bill Bellamy, host of Last Comic Standing, recently spoke to The Winnipeg Sun about the new season of the show, which premieres Thursday.

Specifically, the comedian remarked on the differences and similarities of having contestants from all over the world compete against one another.

"I feel like I'm the point guard of the show," he said.  "I'm giving the ball to everyone who's performing and hopefully setting the room up in a way where they can go out and do a good job. It's not my job to show up other comedians.

"Ultimately, it's the fans who decide what's funny, anyway. It doesn't matter what I think. Comedy is subjective.  Certain jokes that I might think are hilarious, the crowd might be going, 'Whatever,' so it can go both ways."

Overall, the veteran funny man stressed that the audience's reaction is still the main barometer that makes or breaks a comedian.

"The crowd's response is everything for a comedian," Bellamy said.  "If the crowd goes wild, every comic I know feels on fire inside."

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