Bruce Boxleitner Joins Cast of Heroes

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As previously reported, Brea Grant is coming aboard the cast of Heroes in the villainous role of Joy.

Now, we've received word that Bruce Boxleitner has snagged a recurring role that was originally going to be modeled after John McCain. We're guessing this is the character that - originally, at least - was to be known as Senator Robert Malden.

Bruce Boxleitner has appeared in the shows Cold Case and Crossing Jordan.

Bruce Boxleitner Joins Cast of Heroes

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[voiceover] You do not choose your destiny, it chooses you. And those that knew you before Fate took you by the hand cannot understand the depth of the changes inside. They cannot fathom how much you stand to lose in failure...that you are the instrument of flawless Design. And all of life may hang in the balance. The hero learns quickly who can comprehend and who merely stands in your way.


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