Round Table: "Losing My Mind"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Our topics for "Losing My Mind" include the Callie-Erica kiss, the Miranda-Tucker fight, the Alex-Ava weirdness and the Mer-Der reunion ...

1. By taking care of Rebecca himself, is Alex being loving or ignorant?

McCritic: He's trying to be loving, but Alex is a doctor. He should know better. In this case, ignorance is far from bliss.

iheartizzie: I know he's trying to be nice, but come on, Alex Karev. Keep your eyes on the true prize. I heart Izzie and I know you do, too. Make the move.

missingBurke: Karev thought he was gonna be a father. In his disappointment at that falsity, he's now treating Rebecca like a confused child. Is it misguided? Perhaps. But it's out of love.

Get Out

2. Choose a side: Tucker or Bailey?

iheartizzie: Love is a losing game, despite the best of intentions. There is no right, no wrong. Just deep-rooted problems and life decisions not fixed by even the longest of arguments. Kudos to the writers for this very realistic scene.

McCritic: Tucker. He's right that Bailey is being short-sighted by putting little Tuck in day care just so she can finish charts by his side.

missingBurke: I feel bad for Tucker, but his analogy of performing surgery versus parenting just didn't make sense. Bailey is more in the right.

3. The Callie/Hahn kiss: Just for fun? Or a sign of things to come?

missingBurke: Just for fun. Come on! Who doesn't love the occasional female lip lock? We know Mark sure did!

McCritic: Because the show seems to be struggling creatively, I'm gonna - sadly - say it's a sign of things to come. Look for Callie and Hahn to start dating, in a sign that Shonda Rhimes has run out of story line ideas.

iheartizzie: I like that the show pushes the envelope, but I just don't buy it with Callie. With Erica there is an element of mystery, as she's new to Seattle Grace, but Callie has been sleeping with the fellas this whole time. Now she's just gonna be a lesbian? Hope it was just for fun, guys.

4. Shonda Rhimes has said that Meredith and Derek will get together for good, and how this will happen will be "yummy" and "special." Has she followed through on her promise so far?

McCritic: Gosh, no. All that's happened since the show returned from its strike hiatus has been a contrived brain tumor surgical study - used just to get Mer/Der in the same room a lot - and the show using a therapist to explain all the fault of Meredith loyal viewers already knew she had. This isn't special. It's boring.

iheartizzie: Absolutely not. There's still a window of opportunity to salvage this season next week (and a two-hour episode at that), but Grey's Anatomy has been flat since the strike. I'd love to hear readers' thoughts on this, as it's hard to criticize a show I love so, but I don't really buy Nurse Plot Device or Therapist Plot Device or Clinical Trial Plot Device. I haven't given up hope but patience is wearing a thin. Here's hoping for a brilliant finale. Tie it together, Shonda. Bring it home. We know you can do it.

missingBurke: Yes. Grey's Anatomy prides itself on real, flawed characters. We don't need major events to get Mer and Der together finally. We just need them to slowly evolve, to see one another as we've seen them both for years now. Once they do, damn right it'll be yummy and special.

Rekindling the Passion

What's next for Derek and Meredith on the season finale?

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