An Interview with Christian LeBlanc

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Christian LeBlanc Shot
recently sat down with Soap Opera Weekly to discuss his role on The Young and the Restless.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

Soap Opera Weekly: The Baldwin/Fishers truly are one of the most interesting families ever on soaps. Why do you think so?
Christian LeBlanc: Because it's the most human. There's a gray area there. Like most people, they're capable of something really good and something really bad. It ain't sweet and cute, which I love. Who wants that? People know that isn't real life. People know that's not how it is. You are never more vicious than you are to your family. You never are as despicable as when you're dealing with brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. The ones you love the most, you will attack the hardest.

Soap Opera Weekly: How did the family start to take shape?
Christian LeBlanc: Somebody saw Greg (Rikaart), when he first came on the show to harass Lily, and mentioned how much we looked alike. That's how we got to be brothers.

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