Farmer Wants Which for a Wife: Christa or Brooke?

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The decision that dozens of Farmer Wants a Wife fans have been waiting for will be made night:

Who will become the future Mrs. Matt Neustadt, Christa or Brooke?

The answer, of course, is neither. This is reality television, after all. Matt and his chosen mate have likely broken up in real life already.

Still, with the season finale airing tonight, let's quickly compare the two finalists:

Christa: Appears to be an odd fit for Neustadt, a seemingly innocent country boy. Christa wears a nose ring, once licked a broken egg off the floor just for fun and hates Brooke. But will opposites attract?

Brooke: Has won three challenges throughout the series. Brooke may be annoying and hypocritical, but the girl can toss hay bales and harvest corn with the best of them. Is she a natural fit for Matt?

Farmer Wants Which for a Wife: Christa or Brooke?

Who should Matt choose, Christa or Brooke?

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