Frankie Delgado Previews "Bromance"

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The new MTV reality TV show, Bromance is going to go for the laughs â€" but also true friendship, Brody Jenner's pal Frankie Delgado says.

"We just started production. We're trying to make it funny," said Frankie, who is also serving as co-producer of the upcoming series.

But don't think this Bromance is all fun and games.

"We are really invested in finding a guy friend for our entourage. We don't trust a lot of people, because people might want to be our friends simply due to who we are or who we're around, what clubs we can get into, and things like that. So maybe this way we can find a true friend," Frankie Delgado said.

Frankie Delgado

While Frankie Delgado says there will be no hazing involved with potential Brody Jenner "bro-mantic" partners, he realizes that anything is possible.

"There's really no sense to what we're actually going to do yet," he says, but notes, "Brody's not gonna have a douche bag around us."

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