Jason Thompson Speaks on General Hospital Character

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Prior to Father's Day, Soap Opera Weekly sat down with General Hospital star Jason Thompson to ask him about his character's development on the show, especially in light of news that he's gonna be a father.

Here's what Thompson had to say:

Soap Opera Weekly: What has Patrick gotten out of this relationship with Robin so far?
Jason Thompson: Robin has taught him a lot about love, relationships and commitment, and he's forever grateful for that. They're going through this [pregnancy] together; they're both growing up through it.

Weekly: Is he still concerned about her HIV status?
Thompson: I know that, talking from the writers' point of view, they've done their research, and when it comes up, it's going to be a poignant story and it's going to be important — but right now the writers are just trying to deal with the realness of the pregnancy itself. They put it in every once in a while, like when she says, "When I take my meds, I start feeling sick."

She said that when we were shooting the ribs story. Obviously, that was a very traumatic time, when that one patient came in with AIDS [on General Hospital: Night Shift] and died, but the baby survived. It hasn't been in the forefront right now, but obviously, it's always in the back of his mind. We haven't really dealt with the HIV storyline yet. It absolutely will be a big part of it when the time comes.

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