Matt Neustadt Speaks on Wanting a Wife

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Simply finding a wife isn't the only challenge facing Matt Neustadt. The framer has had to overcome a negative reactions from his home town.

"Locally, in the beginning, during filming, people were frightened. Country folks and farmers haven't been portrayed well in the media at any point in time... so rightfully people were skeptical," Neustadt said of the local's reactions towards the Hollywood production staff's arrival. "As of now, I think they are enjoying [the show]."

Matt Neustadt Shirtless

Matt Neustadt is a farmer and he wants a wife.

Locals are also recognizing this new reality star on the streets. It's just one of the new experiences and worries Neustadt faces, as he also must deal with the show's editing process.

"You definitely worry and you never know with editing, but I knew if I didn't do it on TV or say it, they couldn't make me do it," he said. "If you don't cuss on TV, they can't put a cuss word in your mouth."

Catch more of Matt's profound observations on Farmer Wants a Wife on The CW.

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