Robert Newman Dishes on Guiding Light Story Lines

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Guiding Light fans haven't seen too much of Robert Newman's Josh for a few weeks. The actor simply says it's a reflection of how the series is shooting current stories.

Speaking of them, how does Newman feel about his character and Reva getting back together? Soap Opera Weekly recently asked him this and other questions:

Soap Opera Weekly: Will the movie ultimately pull Josh and Reva back together?
Robert Newman
: It's the same thing we've done many times before, where something continues to bond Josh and Reva, whether they are interested in being bonded or not.

Soap Opera Weekly: Speaking of bonding, are Josh and Cassie connecting and getting over Cassie's affair?
Robert Newman: That issue is one of those funny soap opera things that start, get dropped for a while and then get picked up again. Now, Josh and Cassie are trying to find some middle ground and start rebuilding their relationship.

Soap Opera Weekly: Will the marriage last?
Robert Newman: Josh loves Cassie. Everybody wants their marriage to work. Even when the marriage is at its worst, there's still hope. Because Josh is a minister, he really wants to salvage the marriage.

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