Thaao Penghlis is Not a Terrorist!

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Aside from being grateful for his Daytime Emmy Award nomination, Thaao Penghlis wants to make one thing clear: he's not a threat to national security.

The Days of Our Lives star told The Knoxville News that he recently became a United States citizen (the Australia-native was born to Greek parents) due to how America has embraced him. But it hasn't been an easy road.

American Citizen

"I go to countries where terrorists reside, like Jordan and no one goes with me," Penghlis said. "When you travel alone, (security) thinks something is wrong. They always pull my bags. They always go through them. They always pull me out of line. Even when I was getting my immigration papers, there were foreigners all around.

"Who did they pull out of line? Me."

Still, the actor isn't bitter about the experience. He understands it, and remains thankful that the country has given him a chance to shine in a show such as Days of Our Lives.

Tune in to the Daytime Emmys tomorrow night to see if he takes home a trophy!

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