The Men of MVP Speak Out

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The men of new SOAPnet sensation MVP were recently interviewed about their respective roles.

Lucas Bryant (pictured) described the show as "totally saucy. There's very little hockey, it's sort of the behind the scenes action that matters most. There's some scandal, there's a little T and A if you will."

Oh, we will, Lucas.

Bryant added that he has a background in hockey himself. After all, the actor is Canadian and all.

"I am Canadian and like a good card-carrying Canadian, i was born playing hockey," he said. "We did actually play a little bit but it's not so much on the air."

Co-star Dillon Casey, meanwhile, has been receiving the bulk of the attention for the gigantic billboard in Times Square that features him wearing, well, not very much

"It's cool man," Casey said of the large ad. "I didn't know it was gonna be a billboard when I took that picture. But when they told me about it, I wasn't really sure what to think. When I went down and actually saw it, it was cool man, yeah. It's fun. You just have to take each moment as it is and just try and enjoy the ride."

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