Antonio Sabato Jr. Speaks on General Hospital: Night Shift Role

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Antonio Sabato Jr. has is back on General Hospital: Night Shift.

The handsome actor recently spoke to TV Guide about reprising his role on the series as Jagger Cates. Here are excerpts from the interview: Had ABC tried previously to get you back to General Hospital proper?
Antonio Sabato Jr.: There was some talk, but I didn’t really know about it. There were rumors, through the fan clubs and places, about Jagger coming back. And then it came to be this year. [GH casting director] Mark Teschner, who's a good friend of mine, called me up and said:

"We'd love Jagger to come back, on Night Shift. You're the only one who has ever played him, and no one else can play him." That’s how it went. And then we had an issue [with Celebrity Circus], where I would lose a day of training. But I said, "I have to make both happen. They both have to happen." How has Jagger changed since the last time we saw him?
Sabato Jr.: He's older, he's got more responsibility — he's got a son named Stone [named after Jagger's late brother], that he brings back to Port Charles. He wants to go back to his roots. [First wife] Karen passed away, but he's probably going to fall in love again.... We'll see how it goes.

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