Fun Facts About Penn Badgley

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People Magazine put together a list of fun facts about Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley recently. Here they are, for your enjoyment:

  1. He was named after Penn tennis balls! "My father was bouncing a Penn tennis ball for stress during my mom's pregnancy," he told E! Online. "When my mother got her first amnio... she just casually mentioned that the baby is the size of that tennis ball, and that's it. I'm glad it wasn't Dunlop or Wilson."
  2. Penn Badgley covets Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick's chest hair because, well, Dan Humphrey doesn't get to have any. "They make me shave my chest for the show," he laments.
  3. On the verge of Gossip Girl fame, Badgley was asked about the prospects of becoming a teen heartthrob. "It's sort of strange to think that could happen, but I welcome it. Why wouldn't I? Though it could get overwhelming if I turned into Kirk Cameron or something."
  4. Penn Badgley lent his voice to two Mario video games, including 1999's "Mario Golf 64" and 2000's "Mario Tennis."
  5. When asked about the work he's least proud of, Penn Badgley said, "I did a training video for a Pokémon card game where I had to do comedy skits that were played to adults between training lessons."
Penn For President

Now you know even more about Penn Badgley!

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