Heroes Editor Grateful for Writers' Strike

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Heroes story editor Chuck Kim recently made an interesting admission to TV Guide: the show is better for the WGA strike.

"If Season 2 hadn't been cut, we were going to focus [the second half of the season] on the villains," Kim said. Instead, season three will take an in-depth look at the temptation of the dark side.

"The great thing is we've made [that arc] much better than it would have been. We'll be seeing some new [villainous] characters, but we'll also be dealing with our series regulars and see how their abilities are 'tempting' them."

David Anders Photo

Look for more of David Anders in season three of Heroes.

As for returning characters, Kim confirmed that Kristen Bell will come back as Elle for a multiple-episode arc (she first resurfaces in the second half of the two-hour premiere) and David Anders is expected back as Adam.

 "Adam is an immortal guy, so he can't die so easily," the writer said. "It's pretty safe to say that he could come back at any time from that coffin" in which he was buried alive to close last season.

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