Luke Perry Explains 90210 Absence

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Luke Perry has turned down the chance to reprise the character of Dylan McKay on 90210. The reason?

"When you're in the professional acting business," the actor told TV Guide, "you have to look into all these offers and I don't mean anything bad about it but creatively it's something I have done before and I don't know how it will benefit me if I do it again."

Luke Perry Explains 90210 Absence

After hesitating for a bit, the star finally revealed a major reason why doesn't want to be part of this revival, citing the show's long-time producer Aaron Spelling.

"The difference between CW bringing something back and Aaron Spelling doing something back is significant," Perry said.  "And I cannot do it without Aaron."

Sounds fair enough to us. But it sounds like Shannen Doherty has no such point of view.

She really is coming to 90210. Amazing

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