Preview of Cyndi Lauper on As the World Turns

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Cyndi Lauper guest stars on As the World Turns tomorrow. Her mission?

To reunite Luke and Noah.


The singer spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the appearance recently, light-heartedly giving Jake Silbermann the same advice she gives his character on the show:

"I just think it's awful, and you should get back together with your boyfriend," Lauper said to Silbermann. "Because honestly, I think you two are made for each other. And if you're gonna start this silliness now, just think, you know, later on, you'll be sorry in life. You had your moment when you could have had real love. But no, you decided to become distracted. And then what's gonna become of you?

You're gonna be unhappy, which will be perfect for this show, but, you know what I mean. You better get straightened up... [She puts out her hand out for Silbermann to shake] It's nice to meet you."

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