Shayne Lamas: I Did Not Cheat!

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Their engagement has ended, but former Bachelor fiancée Shayne Lamas says she totally plans on keeping the engagement ring she scored.

In the first interview since announcing her split from The Bachelor star Matt Grant, Lamas says “I have it and will keep it forever for the rest of my life. It’s safe and clean and in a glass box like a glass slipper.”

Fans of The Bachelor watched Grant get down on one knee and present the ring to Shayne Lamas, who won the final rose on the show's 12th season.

But a month after the episode aired, the two were no longer living together, making the series 0-for-12 in terms of marriages produced.

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Shayne Lamas denies two-timing Matt, which she's been accused of.

“I did not cheat on Matt Grant,” insists Lamas. “I would never, ever cheat on Matt. He was my fiancé.”

The break-up came on the heels of reports that Lamas was spotted in Vegas with Justin Weneger. But Lamas says they'd already split.

Yet another Bachelor heartbreak. Hopefully DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak actually make it to the altar. We have faith in our girl D.

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