12 Pack Speaks on I Love Money Elimination

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12 Pack was sent packing this week on I Love Money. Below, the reality TV stalwart spoke on the elimination with VH1...

All the alliances are complicated to sort out as a viewer. Was it just as confusing as a participant?
Yes and no. In everybody’s mind, everybody’s cool with everyone and they feel if they go in the box they’re fine. A lot of people feel they’re safe. Rodeo probably felt like no one was going to vote her out, since she talked to everybody. I felt completely safe. A lot more comes out after the fact and especially after watching it. But I had a clear idea of how things were working out from the get go.

The only thing that was really unknown to me was Pumkin, Toasteee, Megan and Brandi’s secret alliance. I knew Pumkin and Toasteee were floaters from the get go, but I felt that because we took them in and we were five strong in that bedroom, we had the majority.

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Do you have any resentment for Toasteee because she eliminated you?
After watching the show, I couldn’t sleep thinking about how I could have won the game if I hadn’t put myself in the box and trusted the girl. But it’s a game. At the time, I was mad about the way she handled things. Had she told me I was in jeopardy and asked me why she should keep me, instead of assuring me that I was safe all the time, I could have come up with something good.

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