90210 Spoilers on Kelly, Navid

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Our thanks to Kristin from E! Online for the following, juicy 90210 spoilers:

Q: Are there any other old 90210ers coming back for the remake?
It looks like there is a twist at the end of the pilot for Jennie Garth’s character that leads us to believe she may be dating or possibly married to one of the boys.

Q: Please give me some scoop on those boys!
They are nice to look at, aren’t they? We’ll actually get a little more hotness, as it looks like new It boy Michael Steger (pictured) from 90210 will be guesting on Criminal Minds in the Sept. 10. premiere.

Michael Steger Photo

In other Michael news, his 90210 character, Navid, comes from an entertainment-industry family that is “filthy rich,” and according to Michael himself:

“I’m supposed to have this gorgeous mom, and my house is enormous - they’re giving me the biggest home out of anybody. And I might test-drive a Lamborghini next week. Maybe. Just putting it out there…”

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Silver: How hard can it be? Look: lights on, lights off. Done.

Navid: I'm worried about you.
Annie: Don't be.