Big Brother 10 Power Rankings, Reloaded

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Some hectic $h!te has gone down in the Big Brother house since last week.

Libra Thompson has been evicted, as accurately predicted by Reality TV Scoop. And anyone who's even glanced at the show.

Also correctly noted by us? The rise of Dan Gheesling. The supposed weakest link appears to be gaining strength by the day.

Here are our updated Big Brother power rankings (due to the insane show and people involved, these are subject to change) ...

8. April Dowling. April has been the puppet-master of this house after Libra, but it looks like her run is nearing its end.

7. Jerry MacDonald. Gramps is in the #7 spot by default, as he's nominated for eviction tonight. But we think Jerry's got the votes to stay, and is not necessarily in a bad position going forward. Especially with the way he keeps winning PoV.

6. Bryan Ollie. Even though Dan didn't use the PoV on Jerry to try to get Ollie out, he's got a bulls-eye on his back.

5. Keesha Smith (below, right). For some reason, Keesha really gets on our nerves. Call us crazy, but we suspect this factor to eventually get her kicked out of a house full of people who actually have to live with her.

Memphis Garrett
Big Brother: Keesha

4. Memphis Garrett (above, left). Memphis' stock falls just a little because he seems to be emerging as a bit of a threat in the eyes of several houseguests. He's still got the smarts and the skills to last awhile, though.

3. Michelle Costa. Unpredictable outbursts and weird ties to Jessie Godderz notwithstanding, she seems to know what she's doing. Emphasis on seems to. Her success so far may be mere serendipity. Stay tuned.

2. Renny Martyn. Renny's looking good - far better than we expected - but the only question is whether her recent turn as HoH has stoked bad feelings among some of the people she's schemed against.

1. Dan Gheesling. Our #1 last week and our #1 again today. Despite being America's Player, he's kept the heat off his own a$$ remarkably well. Dan Gheesling is our tentative favorite to win this thing right now.

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