Big Brother 10 Spoilers For Tuesday

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One of the reasons to watch Big Brother 10 - or any reality show - is to scream at the guy or girl you hate. The one you despise, yet can't stop watching. Basically the Spencer Pratt of your favorite show.

On Big Brother 10, that person was Jessie Godderz

Jessie Godderz Gay?

The show has a number of vaguely unlikable contestants this season, but none can top Jessie. With him gone, someone needs to step up.

Keesha sucks, but it's not quite the same. Although this week - given the Big Brother spoilers we now know - she may be up to the task.

And don't even get us started on Libra Thompson.

Follow the jump to see who wins tonight's Power of Veto competition - and whether he or she decides to do anything with it ...

Jerry, despite the odds stacked against him, wins the PoV once again. So much for stunt casting - the 75-year-old is in to win!

What would he do with it?

Nothing, it turns out.

Michelle's nominations of Libra and Keesha will stay as Jerry pockets the veto - but he used the PoV ceremony to sound off.

Jerry MacDonald
Dan Gheesling Picture

Jerry MacDonald called out Dan Gheesling for the supposed “fourth vote” that he cast to evict Jessie Godderz. He continued talking some smack to Dan about his religion, calling him a Judas. Snap!

Aside from the fact that Dan is America's Player and can't even choose how he votes, Jerry is making enemies in places he may or may not want to. All we can do is tune in - and hope for drama.

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