Big Brother Power Rankings: Told You So

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Dan Gheesling seems to be everyone's favorite on Big Brother now, but let it be known that in Reality TV Scoop's power rankings in each of the last two weeks, we had the supposed weak link at #1.

That's right. We rule. Of course, it can and will change in a second. Here are our updated Big Brother power rankings (due to the insane show and people involved, these are really all just guesses) ...

7. Jerry MacDonald. Tonight looks like the end of the road for the 75-year-old grandfather. He had a good run, but he's running out of friends - specifically Memphis and HoH Dan.

6. Michelle Costa. The replacement nominee after Memphis vetoed his own nomination, Michelle could be merely a pawn. But she could get axed tonight if alliances go awry.

5. Bryan Ollie. Ollie took Dan at his word and got played. He's still a strong player, but one has to question where he goes from here.

4. Keesha Smith. Flying under the radar a bit of late, which is good for her. But we still don't like her chances of going the distance.

Big Brother: Dan Gheesling

3. Renny Martyn. So crazy she just might get it done.

2. Memphis Garrett. Memphis is back in the top tier after vetoing his nomination for eviction and apparently looking strong in his alliance with Dan. Jerry predicted Memphis to win from the start, and may be right.

1. Dan Gheesling. Three straight weeks at #1 for Dan Gheesling (above), who's entertaining and smart and playing Big Brother like no one else in the house right now. But now that he's a target, the stakes are raised.

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