Big Brother Recap: Losing Libra

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Didn't see that one coming. Oh wait, everyone did. In any case, let's recap last night's Big Brother 10 eviction episode ...

No one in the house was particularly pleased by Jerry's "Judas" comments re: Dan. Memphis is especially perturbed by the situation, as he hates Jer. Dan, however, loves it - it's making him into a victim!

April, Ollie and Jerry really want Keesha out. April especially hates Keesha. Ollie tells Libra that, if she wants to stay, she should go talk to Dan. She does, but can't give Dan any details. Dan is also vague.

Dan responds in equally vague terms.

Later, we see an extended package from the home of public enemy #1.

The husband of Libra Thompson totally supports her being on Big Brother - in no way is it a burden on the family, as has been implied.

Big Brother: Libra

Not that it will matter anyway after tonight. Incredibly, Libra was evicted by a unanimous vote. Gone was the suspense of last week's Jessie Godderz eviction, where America's Player Dan was the swing vote.

Libra was gone from day one. Despite the fact that she has to go to the sequester house, she almost seemed relieved to get away.

Lastly, the Head of Household competition was “Diary Room Confessions.” Each of the players sat in a chair while Julie Chen read them diary room quotes from one of the first four evicted houseguests.

It came down to Renny and Keesha, with Renny winning Head of Household - and throwing off our Power Rankings in a big way.

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