Big Brother Recap: Renny Runs the Show

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With ca-ra-zzzzy Jessie Godderz, Libra Thompson and even Jerry MacDonald taking up everyone's attention, Renny Martin has not had much screen time in the past couple of weeks on Big Brother 10.

That all changed when she won Head of Household.

Renny Martin may be the most enigmatic personality in the house. As Jerry said last night, she's like clown - erratic, larger than life, goofy.

She's not dumb, though. Renny is very concerned with how others view her, and if there's anything important in Big Brother land it's perception.

Renny Martin

In the aftermath of Renny's HoH win, April and Ollie knew they will be the targets, but Renny is also worried about Memphis Garrett.

She sees how well he and Keesha get along. Renny knows Memphis is a smart guy, knows he's a big threat, but also knows it wouldn't be a good move to upset Keesha, considering the two of them are close.

Renny flirted with the idea of putting a pawn up on the block, or nominating Memphis because he's a threat. But ultimately, Renny decided to nominate April and Jerry, with April seemingly the main target.

Which one of them will depart the Big Brother house - if they aren't saved by the Power of Veto tomorrow night, that is?

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