Kelly to Brenda: Crash at My Place!

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It was one of the more memorable story lines from the first season of Beverly Hills 90210: Brenda has a sleepover, during which Andrea is pretty much accepted into the group and Kelly opens up about her first sexual experience.

While the new 90210 won't exactly replicate this idea, sources tell Kristin from E! Online that Brenda will be sleeping over at Kelly's for the first few episodes of the series.

"Jennie and Shannen will have many, many scenes together," said an insider about the four episodes for which Shannen is now signed up.

So, back to that slumber party...

According to sources, Kelly reaches out to Brenda to return to West Beverly High as the school's musical director. Ms. Walsh accepts, but needs a place to stay. Voila!

This co-habitation should make things extra interesting if 90210 spoilers are true and Kelly and Brenda do both fall for Ryan Matthew (played by Ryan Eggold). Stay tuned. Find out!

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