Libra Thompson Discusses Big Brother Eviction

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After letting her pull the strings since Week 1, the Big Brother 10 stars finally got wise and booted Libra Thompson Thursday.

Unfortunately for them, the self-proclaimed "puppet mistress" still has a level of control even after her eviction - Libra became the first member of the seven-person jury who crowns the winner.

TV Guide caught up with Libra to chat about her eviction, her strategy, and what she plans on doing in the sequester house ...

TVG: You dominated early on. Why do you think you're sitting here?

Libra Thompson: I'm a little bummed out for sure, but if you try to take risks in Big Brother, it's not always the best way to go. It was an experience, a journey, and I'm glad to be a part of it. And I had a lot of fun!

Libra Thompson

TVG: I've been calling you the puppet master since Week 2. Was that always your plan?

Libra Thompson: I apparently didn't get the memo. From the onset, I was going to be one of the players that just kind of stays in the background, at least until Week 5. I wasn't going to say much and just look around and see what I was working with.

TVG: That obviously didn't last very long.

Libra Thompson: Yeah, that didn't work so much. We are all A-type dynamic individuals in that house, and we all want to be heard. So as I began to see the dynamics, I decided that might not be the best play for me. And once the HOH competitions weren't going my way, I decided that maybe if I could work together with others while they were in their HOH reign and convince them what needed to happen to benefit me, that it could work. So I started working angles and putting things in people's ears, and it worked for a little bit. But, then I got busted.

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