Rachel Melvin is All Across the USA

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In her latest blog entry, Rachel Melvin details her time away from Los Angeles. Here are excerpts of what the Days of Our Lives star had to say about the trip:

I have been out of town basically this whole month since the show took a two week hiatus at the beginning of July.

Days of Our Lives Star

My first stop was Hawaii with the family. In celebration of me being nominated (though it would have been even cooler to have celebrated a win! :) ) I took my family to Oahu. As hard as it may be to believe my parents have not taken a vacation or gone anywhere since basically their honeymoon in 1980 or 81?

Regardless, it's been a while. So my sister, mom and dad and I took the 6 hour flight and laid on the beach for about 6 days.

Check out Melvin's full blog entry now.

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