Shannen Doherty is Playing Nice

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So far, Shannen Doherty has been the model of good behavior on the set of 90210

She's posed alongside Jennie Garth for an Entertainment Weekly cover, gotten along well with her former co-star - and now she's calmly denying a claim by Tori Spelling that she once got into a fistfight with Garth.

"We never did," Doherty says to Us Weekly in that magazine's latest issue. "I think I would remember Jennie's fist connecting with a part of my body or a part of my face."

We'd think so, too.

"It just goes to show you how people will lie," Doherty added, not elaborating further on her issues with Spelling.

Us Weekly

Look for Shannen Doherty on the series premiere of 90210... this Tuesday!

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