Sharon: On the Case of The Young and the Restless Story Line

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Going into her current story line on The Young and the Restless, Sharon Case knew it would be difficult for Jack, Sharon, Nick and Phyllis to play nice when they decided to start a magazine together. Case, who has played Sharon Abbott on the soap opera since 1994, told Tulsa World that’s part of the fun.

“You put these characters in situations they normally wouldn’t be in and it’s fun to see what happens," the actress said.

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In the interview, the actree elaborated on the motivations of these The Young and the Restless characters.

“They were hoping for the best with the conflicts they knew existed. But those conflicts didn’t outweigh the idea of creating the magazine. They can see the positive points of their partnership, even though Sharon and Phyllis do not get along. Sharon looks forward to spending time with Nick and with Jack.”

Eventually, however, someone is gonna to have to come out on top. When that time comes, Case assures fans, there will be fireworks.

“There are lots of conflicts coming up – between Sharon and Phyllis, and also between Nick and Jack, and even Sharon and Jack.”

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